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School Form Update

I want to thank all the people who gave me advice and opinions regarding the question asking us to numerically label my child’s racial category on the Kindergarten registration forms.  After reading all that everyone had to say I see … Continue reading

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Race – Now It’s Gone Too Far

Maybe it’s me but does anyone else feel like all the racial categorizing in this country has gone too far?  Yesterday I encountered another taste of what those who are biracial have to deal with in a world that is … Continue reading

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Calling All Disney Vacation Club Members

That last post was really depressing and I no longer want it to be the first thing people read when they come here.  And just so you all know that my life isn’t all just crap I’m going to share … Continue reading

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How About Invisible, Angry Mom?

So, like I did it again.  I just disappeared from the blogosphere without any warning.  I’m down to zero readers so I’m really writing for myself now. It’s been a rough month.  Parenting has hit an all time low.  Shorty … Continue reading

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Today I found out the first home I ever owned is once again on the market.  This will be the third time it’s been up for sale in the home’s not quite nine year existence.  Big and I had that home … Continue reading

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I just dropped Shorty off for his first day at preschool.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from him.  I was fearful.  Shorty has a temper and a stubborn streak.  When he gets something in his head he is not easily distracted … Continue reading

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Went out this morning because the wind was blowing my recycle bin all over the place.  Trash and bottles were everywhere and numerous neighbors were out trying to chase down their cans and trash.  We all commented how bitterly cold … Continue reading

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Hello, Hello … Testing

Just testing to see if there is still anyone out there who even still cares of my existence.  I’ve been gone so long I figure that y’all have moved on.  But on the off chance someone is still out there … Continue reading

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Moments of Sunshine

That post I wrote a few days ago was pretty depressing and gloomy.  So that you know it’s not all bad here I wanted to share some good things that are happening. Shorty is now starting to draw pictures that … Continue reading

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Soup Dumplings

That last picture is a perfect example of what happens when you mix Chinese DNA with Italian DNA … a dumpling fan with an attitude.

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