Hello, World!

I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Stephanie – late thirties, wife to Big, stay-at-home-mom to my 19 month old son, Shorty, a bit neurotic, and definitely in need of a good dose of self-confidence. There is more to me than that, of course, but I’m sure it will all (for better or worse) come out as we go along. I’ve decided to add my voice to the world of blogging. I can’t always promise that what I write will be interesting or that I’ll even write consistently but I’m giving it a go anyway.
Let me first explain the title of my Blog. This post has been edited to reflect the change in the original title which had to do with my last name. Now the title reflects the fact that my family would like it to be harder to find this blog on Google searches. So, I’m now in hiding and using a secret identity, hence the reason that I’m Incognito and since I’m a mom, I’m now Incognito Mom. I’m guessing that most of my blogs will be from my random thoughts. Sadly, since most of my random thoughts revolve around my child and household duties that’s probably what I’ll mostly be writing about. Maybe someday when I have more time to commit my brain to other endeavors I’ll actually be able to broaden my horizons.
And so without further ado …

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