This is how it starts …

My baby is becoming a kid and more specifically a little boy. How do I know this? Is it because he’s starting to talk? No. Is it because he’s lost most of his baby fat? No. Is it because he is starting to play more imaginatively with his toys? Nope, not that either. So you ask how do I know my baby is not a baby anymore … Yesterday he said “poop,” for the first time and then proceeded to laugh hysterically. He repeated it several times and each time laughed harder. The day before that he put his hand down my shirt (this and pinching my neck is how he comforts himself – I think I need to teach him some better coping skills) and said “boob.” Now before you think my husband and I are teaching him the wrong things let me explain. I have no idea where he learned the word boob. We have not used that word since I stopped breastfeeding when my son was nine months old. So, either my kid has a really great memory or somehow he learned it from some remote source that I can’t fathom. Is this just a male thing? I have a younger brother and an 11 year old nephew. I always had more male friends than female friends. It’s been my observation that finding words like “poop” and “boob” funny is a rite of passage for boys. So, this is how I know my baby boy has now crossed over into the world of bigger boys. Oh joy! What other male rites of passages await?

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