Decisions, Decisions

I must be the most indecisive person I know. Let me explain. It took me eight agonizing weeks in which I drove myself, my husband, and my mother crazy to choose a kitchen set. Guess what, I’m not thrilled with the chairs I finally decided to get. I think I should have chosen Windsor style chairs. When I was pregnant I spent months trying to decide which crib, which bedding, and don’t even get my husband started on the process of finding the right paint color for the walls. Let’s just say that at one point there were about 50 different paint chips taped to the walls and the process of elimination took forever with me taking colors down and then putting them back up. My son now sleeps in Italian crib bedding that cost more than the sheets on my own bed and the walls are a lovely blue. Choosing custom curtains for the family room and kitchen was another long process complicated even more by the fact that I knew I did not want to keep the furniture in the family room but could not afford to buy new furniture at that time and my budget was not as big as the designer would have liked. I’m pleased to say I am happy with the curtains and my husband says I had better be because regardless of what the designer thinks it was a hell of a lot of money for drapes for only two rooms. Last fall I finally had the budget to buy the family room furniture but I had to match those custom drapes I mentioned. After going in about a dozen stores over the course of maybe five months I finally found a wonderful designer at Ethan Allen who helped me choose the colors and styles I was looking for. We won’t mention the fact that I doubted myself and almost changed the order before it was placed or that I still have yet to pick out lamps to go with the new furniture.

Which brings me to this blog. As some of you may have notice the layout and colors of this blog have already changed just two days after it began. Last night I spent at least an hour trying to pick a template from the ones this site offers. While I love the color green the original layout I selected just seemed a bit too bright and not as organized as I would have liked. So, I went in search of another layout that would make me happier. After trying out several different layouts and colors this is what I finally chose. However, I’m not completely satisfied with this either. It’s a bit too gray and boring. I do like the layout better though. Don’t be surprised if you see it change again. Eventually I will make a final decision. And once I do then I can go on to agonize and drive everyone crazy about paint colors and drapes for the living and dining rooms.

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