Daddy Makes It All Better

In my last post I mentioned that my son was not feeling well yesterday. This being the case our original Saturday plans had to be re-organized or postponed altogether. We were all supposed to go get the taxes done in the morning then run some errands and end the day in our favorite restaurant in Chinatown. Instead my husband went to take care of the taxes and run most of the errands while I stayed home with our son. My husband was very productive in his duties. Taxes are done and mailed out, we have all our necessary bulk items purchased from BJ’s, the clothes went to the dry cleaners, and some grocery shopping was done. Now you may say what does all this have to do with the title of this post and why should you care about such mundane happenings? Well, my husband did not just get the required grocery items. No, you see, there was a sick kid at home who needed some cheering up. So, while my husband was finishing up at the grocery store our son and I showered. And what surprises did await us! Upon entering the bedroom to get our clothes on we first encountered supersize Elmo balloon. Our son loves balloons and he loves Elmo. (Two weekends ago my husband bought one of those party sized helium tanks so our kid could have balloons whenever he wanted them for as long as the tank lasts.) Needless to say our son was beside himself with joy at the sight of this bigger than life Elmo balloon. But that’s not all. Off to the kitchen we went to find Sesame Street character cupcakes. Yummy! Then there was Mighty Milk, which our little one calls “choco mil” or in non-toddler language, chocolate milk. Mighty Milk is something we like to keep on standby for those times when our son is either sick or when his slowly emerging final baby molars are really bothering him and he won’t eat much actual food. My husband bought out the store because it’s hard to find around here. Then there was Superfood. For those that don’t know, Superfood is this organic blend of fruits and various grasses that is a sickening color green. It’s a Daddy and son favorite. Since my son only picked at food options Mommy offered him throughout the day, we decided that serving him dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and peas (his favorite veggie) for dinner would be appropriate. I’m happy to report that after dragging around the Elmo balloon, drinking choco mil, eating dino nuggets and peas and Sesame Street cupcakes our son is feeling much better today. Of course, it also helped that Daddy broke the rules last night and let our kid come in the big bed at 2:00am to snuggle with Mom. And yes, our kid is spoiled. This is why we all have kids isn’t it? Chinatown will have to wait for another weekend.

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