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Where Do I Start?

SIGH. That’s how I feel when I look at my house right now. These last few weeks have not been kind to my house. I haven’t cleaned in two weeks. There is stuff piled everywhere and my child’s toys look … Continue reading

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Mushy Gushy

Sometimes your child just knows how to make you feel good. The last two days mine has been very lovey with me. I call it “Getting All Mushy Gushy.” I’ve been getting tons of hugs and kisses and “Aaahhh Mom … Continue reading

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Stop the Insanity!

I need a break from life. Today we visited the ER yet again. This would be the third trip to the ER in thirteen days for my family. This time it was for my husband. He is having back spasms … Continue reading

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Humbled and Helpless

This is a very personal post for me. It’s been a difficult time in our house. I’m experiencing my second miscarriage in the last five months. It’s left me feeling physically and emotionally drained. I’ve had to force myself to … Continue reading

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Choosing An Identity?

Is my son already choosing which part of himself he will more strongly identify with or is it just coincidence? Yesterday, was our first experience with a babysitter other than a handful of times my mom has watched my son. … Continue reading

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Interesting Read

I occasionally read blogs from other moms. Here’s one I found particularly interesting: As I go through a very emotional time right now, I can’t imagine not having the support and advice of the many other moms I know. … Continue reading

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The Wonderful World of Disney

I’m ashamed to admit it but my toddler is getting quite familiar with all things Disney. I’m having some health issues (more about that another time) and so I’ve turned to the TV and DVD player more than I should … Continue reading

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