The Wonderful World of Disney

I’m ashamed to admit it but my toddler is getting quite familiar with all things Disney. I’m having some health issues (more about that another time) and so I’ve turned to the TV and DVD player more than I should to help keep my little one occupied. Like millions of us through the generations my son is captivated by the genius of Disney’s creators. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and My Friends Tigger and Pooh are a particular television favorite. However, there are only so many re-runs of the same shows that his dad and I can endure so we’ve now turned to our large collection of Disney and Disney Pixar dvds. Currently, the movie Cars is a favorite. He now walks around the house yelling, “Oh cars!” to let me know when he’d like to watch his movie. We introduced Toy Story last night because I needed a reprieve from Lightning McQueen and his racing buddies. He liked it but still prefers Cars. Tonight he even tried to imitate Mater saying, “Holy Shoot!” He finds this hilariously funny. I guess it’s better than him repeating some of the more unsavory words that accidentally slip from my lips on occasion. I think maybe “Holy Shoot” will become my new “I can’t say bad words in front of the kid” phrase.

Bad mom for letting my toddler veg in front of the boob tube? Maybe. But we’re sharing the experience together and somehow I think hours of Disney is less damaging than having mommy scream at you because she is in pain, stressed, or just plain overtired. Fortunately, at least The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse seems to be helping me teach my son how to count, reinforce his colors, and learn new words. Thanks Disney for providing entertainment and yes, dare I say it, some much needed rest for this mommy and child.

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One Response to The Wonderful World of Disney

  1. Crissy says:

    That is too funny, I just wrote a post about Disney movies. Be careful or you will find yourself in my position.

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