Interesting Read

I occasionally read blogs from other moms. Here’s one I found particularly interesting:

As I go through a very emotional time right now, I can’t imagine not having the support and advice of the many other moms I know. A recent call for help sent to my local mom friends was answered with such vigor and concern that I can’t help but feel blessed by how caring these woman are. My own mom, while she can’t be here to physically help, has been extremely supportive in the many phone calls we’ve had. And my long-time friend, Crissy, is always there to lend an ear and offer her caring words.

I feel sorry for the woman in the above story who must not have women like my friends in her life. It’s a lonely world out there if you can’t find at least one other woman to turn to when you need advice or help or just someone to listen. The men in our life are important and we need them but sometimes only another woman can truly know where you’re coming from.

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