Mushy Gushy

Sometimes your child just knows how to make you feel good. The last two days mine has been very lovey with me. I call it “Getting All Mushy Gushy.” I’ve been getting tons of hugs and kisses and “Aaahhh Mom Mom.” But the best is the look in his eyes when he does all this Mushy Gushy stuff. You mothers out there know the look. The one where their eyes just get that sappy, I love you more than life itself look. The one where you know in your kid’s mind you can do no wrong at that moment and you are the be all and end all of their world. I don’t know about you but it’s the best feeling in the world to me and it makes me feel like my life couldn’t be any better than it is. Maybe he just senses that right now I need all the Mushy Gushy he can give me. Whatever the reason for all his current affection, I hope he keeps it coming because this mommy loves her Mushy Gushy moments.

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