What’s This Hole For?

Shorty has a new trick. He now shoves food up his nose. Five days ago it was mac and cheese. Two nights later he was eating peacefully and Big and I got engrossed in a conversation during dinner. After a few minutes we noticed that Shorty’s chicken wasn’t just disappearing into his mouth. I looked up his nose and was appalled at what I saw. Chicken, chicken, and more chicken. I tried to get him to blow into a napkin but he doesn’t quite get the concept of nose blowing yet. So, then I tried the baby nose bulb thing. I could hear things moving down but he wouldn’t hold still long enough for me to get anything out. While we were trying to quickly brainstorm our next tactic before our son aspirated his dinner, Shorty let out a giant sneeze. Oh my God, I didn’t know a toddler could fit that much food up his nose. You would think he would have learned never to do that again but, nope, the next morning I rescued half a cheerio from his nostril. On one hand it makes for a grossly amusing story but on the other hand it could turn dangerous. Anyone else have this problem and how did you get your kid to stop?

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