Changes Had To Be Made

Haven’t posted in awhile. I’ve been busy making changes to the blog. Unfortunately, these changes were made necessary because the wrong people found the blog which resulted in some embarrassing and annoying gossip. Due to this unwanted attention I’ve had to change the name of the blog and will no longer be using our real names. Well, I might use mine sometimes but not my husband’s or child’s and definitely not our last name.

I was truly disappointed that I had to make these changes. So much so that I even cried over the fact that some people have forced me to make changes that I really didn’t want to make. Now my blog feels less personal to me. Some of the enjoyment I got from my blog has been taken away. My blog had the perfect title and now I’m using a title that doesn’t draw as much attention to my family but feels not as ‘right’ to me.

The new title reflects the fact that I am now in disguise, in hiding, undercover, covert, writing in secret, etc. I polled a few friends on various title options and I got more responses in favor to this title than to any other. So, this is the one I chose. Besides after reading the definitions of each of the words that meant secret, incognito seemed to have the definition that most closely fit the situation I’m in. I’m trying to hide my identity or at the very least make it less easy for people to Google us and come across this blog.

I struggled with coming up with pseudonyms for my family members. Typing my husband and my son felt too impersonal. Using just the first letter of their names was not an option as they share the same first initial. I avoided Little and Big L for the very same reason that I refused to give my son the same name as his father. From this point on my husband will be known as The Big One or Big and my son will be known as Shorty. These are names we frequently use in our house but not around others so it seems natural and personal to use them here and they won’t be so well known that the wrong people will be able to figure out our identities.

You may ask why bother to post a public blog if you’re so concerned about others finding it. I’m not concerned about friends or family. I’m not concerned about other mommy bloggers or bloggers in general finding my blog. In fact, I’m eager to join the world of mommy bloggers. But when your husband’s co-workers Google him and find your blog then start talking about it in the office it’s time to be a little more discreet.

Although I wanted a blog that was as open and forthright as I am, I now see why so many bloggers go to great lengths to keep their real names secret. It’s one thing to have strangers and family and friends read about your personal life. It’s quite another when your personal life and feelings become office fodder.

Welcome to my sorta new and ‘improved’ blog.

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