What’s Been Going On

So, in light of the fact that there was a large chunk of time that I wasn’t posting I thought I’d do an update post to catch everybody up. This will really only be semi-interesting to the friends and family who know us so anyone else who might be reading can feel free to skip this entry unless you are like me and like to be nosey about the lives of others.

Big’s back issues still continue. He’s been to the Orthopedic Specialist three times and we’ve come to realize that this particular doctor sucks. Big is going to physical therapy a few nights a week. He’s had an MRI (only took the Quack Doc weeks of my husband twisted in pain for him to finally agree with us that he should have one). The MRI shows a huge bulge on one of the lower lumber discs. It indicates some serious degeneration happening. Yesterday a pain specialist did an epidural shot of Cortisone in Big’s back. It seems to be providing some relief but he still feels some pain and discomfort. At least he’s no longer twisted and writhing on the floor in pain. I managed to get a second opinion scheduled with a doctor at the Rothman Institute but that appointment isn’t until June 16 so we’re just hoping that all the pain meds, muscle relaxers, cortisone injections, lidocaine patches, and physical therapy provide enough relief until we can get a better solution to the problem.

Shorty loves his babysitter. Unfortunately, she’s leaving us in another week or so. Her host family needs her to watch their son when his school year ends on June 6th. Plus she goes back to Thailand on June 18th. We’ve been sleep training (again) Shorty to get him to sleep back in his crib. We’re hoping that this time we are strong enough to make sure the training sticks. Although I miss snuggling with him at night it’s time that we all get a decent night’s sleep without anyone being kicked or head-butted. We’re not quite sure how we ever got in the position that he ended up in our bed all the time anyway. I owe my sister-in-law a huge apology for ever lecturing her or giving her ‘the look’ about her child being in her bed. It’s come back to bite us on the backside. Otherwise, Shorty has been doing the normal things you would expect from a toddler. Oh, and his favorite thing to do now is play with his Shake ‘n Go Disney Pixar Cars character cars. In fact, I’ve spent the bigger part of today trying to find Doc. I have yet to locate which hiding spot he may be in.

As for me, I’ve been busy dealing with contractors trying to get all the estimates for the basement so we can choose someone. I’ve also been trying to hunt down the project manager for the builder who built our house so they can schedule someone to please come finish the warranty issues that they’ve been giving us the run around about since September. I have this feeling that I need to get nasty and call his boss and lodge a complaint. Why does it have to come to this? I;ve alos been trying to decide which plants I want to replace the dead and ugly shrubbery that the builder put in. I need to tell the landscaper this week so we can finally have mulched and neat looking flower beds in the front of our house. I’ve been putting together a rough routine schedule for activities for Lawson and me during the day and trying to use my planner to set weekly and monthly goals for myself so I can start really getting all the things that need to be done accomplished. I haven’t even called the reproductive endocrinologist yet to schedule tests and figure out what to do about having another child. I’ve been too busy and, honestly, not in the mood to be poked and prodded again. I plan on getting that ball rolling again soon though. Oh, and I booked a family vacation for a week this summer for us and Big’s family.

As a family we’ve been busy with one activity or another almost every weekend – birthdays, Mother’s Day, backyard BBQs, etc. June looks like it will be just as busy for us. We’re looking forward to a great summer.

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