Dear Sesame Place

A friend and I took our sons to Sesame Place this past Friday. We had a great time but there are a few things Sesame Place needs to know …

Dear Sesame Place,

While your attractions are fun and age appropriate for the younger kids here are some things you could improve to make your facilities more functional for parents and young children. I would estimate that 75% of the children who come to your facility are still in strollers. Automatic doors would make life so much simpler for those parents of the stroller set. Please set up a location at each eatery where parents can park their strollers. Your tables are placed close together for maximum seating capacity but unfortunately this makes it extremely difficult to maneuver around the aisles as parents are forced to park their strollers next to their table. Please fix the loose pole next to the tea cup ride. Trying to explain to a toddler that he can’t push the pole with the big screw sticking out is not a pleasant experience for parents. Trashcans next to the changing tables in the bathrooms would be appreciated. And last but not least, why do you have one line to pick and print your photos with Elmo and a separate line to pay for those same photos? Spending an hour in line to pick up and pay for your photos while your toddler is demanding to be released from the confines of his stroller is exasperating for moms and dads. It took five minutes to have the picture taken but a lifetime (at least in toddler years) to actually get our photos.

A Concerned Mom

Okay, now I feel better. Despite those issues above we really did have fun. Shorty wasn’t too crazy about the carousel ride and he refused to get on Elmo’s Flying Fish ride but otherwise he liked the experience. He loved the tea cups because he could pretend he was driving by steering the big wheel in the middle. He also loved giving Elmo a big hug. We’ll go back again when we have consistent warm weather to try out all the water activities.

It was fun to observe the personality differences between Shorty and his little friend. His friend had no fear when it came to the rides but he cried when Elmo tried to hug him. Shorty was the opposite. I’m not much of a ride person so maybe he just takes after mom. This might be a good thing when he gets older because then I won’t have to muster the courage to force myself to ride roller coasters with my kid. Being dropped, rolled upside down, and shaken in mid-air is not my thing.

All in all, I would recommend Sesame Place for the under seven year old age group.

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