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This is My Life

You want to know what my life looks like?  Here’s a peek at the last two days. Yesterday – Shorty woke me up at 6:30am, I only had four hours of sleep.  Siding and window guys showed up at 7:45am.  … Continue reading

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Little Green Men

How a 22 month old sees the world: “I see green man.” This is how Shorty described what he saw outside our windows.  In reality it was a man wearing a green shirt standing on a ladder fixing our windows and … Continue reading

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Convenience Taken to the Extreme

Okay, moms out there, here’s a question for you.  How many items have you spent money on because it was supposed to be a new product that made life more convenient for you?  I ask this question because I just … Continue reading

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Shorty’s New Favorite

It’s happened.  My son is voicing his preferences.  We moms know it’s only a matter of time before the little baby we bring home starts telling us what they want.  This morning, or rather this afternoon as bath time came … Continue reading

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House Hell

As I type this I have men on tall ladders outside my windows.  We had this house built not quite three years ago.  I’ve been complaining that our bedroom walls and floors by the windows feel damp and cold whenever … Continue reading

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He Needs

Shorty has decided that he ‘NEEDS’ things now.  So here is a list of his current needs (said in toddler language) … Need straw Need socks Need Lightning McQueen Need milk Need Soy milk Need Mickey Mouse ball Need snack … Continue reading

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Dear Husband

This one is for my hubby who had the worst day … Have I told you lately that I appreciate you and that I’m sorry you endure all that you do so that I can live the high life?  I’m … Continue reading

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