Ants … Blech!

We have ants. It’s gross. I’m embarrassed. They seem to be coming in through the crack under the front door. But now they’re making themselves at home in the kitchen and in the study. I have the itchy-scratchies just thinking about it. So, now we’re being hyper vigilant about vacuuming the floor as soon as we’re done eating and not eating anywhere but the kitchen. We put ant traps where we hope Shorty can’t find them. (Another thing for me to worry about him getting into.)

If anyone out there knows of some non-toxic method of getting rid of ants please let me know. Until then I’m hoping the hidden ant traps and the constant vacuuming helps and that the rain that makes it worse goes away.

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3 Responses to Ants … Blech!

  1. Kadri says:

    We get the super-sized ants which you can HEAR walking. Scary. We have an exterminator spray the outside perimeter of the house which seems to do the trick. I don’t let him in. The frogs are fine (I was worried ’cause we have a lot of tree frogs that like our house and we like them) and the ants are not living with us anymore and the children are not exposed as far as I know.

  2. naliyat23 says:

    I have heard that used coffee grinds keep ants away. I haven’t tried it, so I don’t really know first hand, but I’ve heard that ants won’t cross over a pile of grinds, so in theory if you’re having trouble with a door, then perhaps you could put some in the little crack on the outside of the door.

    There are probably some other methods out there that might work too with herbs or plants of some type. There are quite a few plants that are natural insect repellants…

  3. incognitomom says:

    Thanks, seems that our ant problem has gone away for now. Not sure if it’s because it stopped raining or because we hid those ant traps. If they come back again I’ll give the coffee grounds a try. It’ll give me a good reason for drinking my morning Cup o’ Joe.

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