It Must Be a Woman Thing

I was in the grocery store yesterday and I had an interesting encounter with another woman. I was buying Mandarin Orange fruit cups because Big and Shorty love them. The problem is that no matter how many I buy Big goes through them in a few days. It’s annoying because I think I’m buying enough to last a week or two and he finishes them in three days. So, I commented to Shorty that I would just hide some so Daddy wouldn’t eat the whole stash in a few days. As soon as I said this I heard a little chuckle next to me.

Apparently this woman has to do the same thing in her house with snacks she buys because if she doesn’t her husband, oldest son, and the older grandkids will eat them before the youngest grandkid gets any. My mom still does this with snacks because my dad and brother will eat all two weeks worth of snacks in a few days. It’s like men have no self control when it comes to snacks. If you give them one a day they’ll be happy but if you let them know that there are ten in the house then they want all ten at once.

So, fess up. How many other woman out there have secret snack stashes?

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One Response to It Must Be a Woman Thing

  1. Kadri says:

    I do!!

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