Simple Pleasures

You know how sometimes it’s the small things in life that are so satisfying.  Today I had one of those moments.  For lunch I made some jasmine rice.  We don’t eat  lot of white rice in this house because Big has a cholestoral problem and he lost 45 pounds and is now trying to loose as much body fat as he can so he looks “cut.”  We had these leftover spareribs and I didn’t want to throw yet another morsel of uneaten food away.  So, I thought, “Jeez wouldn’t rice go nicely with this.”  Even though I should be the one who abstains from all things white I couldn’t resist.  So, I pulled out the rice cooker and made me some good rice.  For those of you that have only experienced the kind of rice that comes in a box and takes minutes to prepare you’re missing out.  Get thee to a store that has an ethnic food aisle and buy some jasmine rice.  Get a rice cooker and experience how rice should really taste and smell.  MMM-mmm.

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One Response to Simple Pleasures

  1. Just hearing you talk about it made me want to eat some jasmine rice! And you’re right…nothing can top a good rice cooker meal 🙂

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