Dear Husband

This one is for my hubby who had the worst day …

Have I told you lately that I appreciate you and that I’m sorry you endure all that you do so that I can live the high life?  I’m sorry you were so tired and your back bothered you so badly that you mistakenly drove to the wrong airport in Houston and missed your flight home.  I’m sorry that when you called to tell me this I couldn’t hear you because I was in the mall food court feeding our child McDonald’s chicken nuggets, fries, and chocolate milkshake and spending the money you work so hard for.  I made you wait for me to pack the kid and the food up and go outside so I could hear the despair and resignation in your voice.

I’m sorry that once you landed home at 9:30pm you once again were so exhausted and trying so hard to get home because you knew I was keeping our son up to see you that you forgot your wallet on the plane.  I’m sorry that the first voice mail that greeted you on your landing was me telling you that you booked a trip for Monday when you knew you already had an appointment with the Rothman Institute for your back.  I’m sorry the stupid airline moved the plane and when they located it they couldn’t find your wallet.  I’m sorry that you had to fill out a police report.

I’m sorry that when you called me to tell me this and complained that you have to get a new license this weekend and that you hope the credit card companies can Fed Ex you new cards by Saturday I mentioned that we might have to juggle our weekend plans because we had events scheduled.  I didn’t mean to sound like you were inconveniencing me.  You were concerned about having the proper ID and payment options for the trip you have to take for work on Monday.  A trip I know you’d rather not take.  The trip that you reminded me didn’t start until Monday night so you should be okay to make your appointment with the Rothman Institute.

I’m sorry that on your drive home from the airport you are calling all the credit card companies to alert them and beg for new cards to be delivered ASAP.  I’m sorry that it’s 11:45pm and you’re still not home.  I know you must be exhausted, annoyed, and in pain.

For this and so much more I love you.

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