Not Before My Coffee, Please

It’s that time again.  Election year.  I hate Presidential Election years.  Why you ask?  My husband.  I am married to a Republican.  But it’s not his party affiliation that I hate; although he and I do not agree on Bush and I lean more to the Democratic side.  It’s his need to tell me every bad thing he can find about the candidate he is not voting for.  This is how my day started.

Woke up at 9:15am (second wake up because Shorty woke me up at 6:00am and I brought him in bed with me to get some more sleep).  Things started out great.  Shorty was all happy and snuggly and we were having a good time.  We got up, went to the bathroom and were just about to head downstairs when the phone rang.  It was Big calling from Texas where he’s visiting both a client and his parents.  Conversation started great.  But then he started telling me about this website he found and all the dirt it reveals about Obama.  On and on he went.

So, I ask him, is this going to be another election where you insist on telling me several times a day how bad the candidate you don’t support is?  Will you be taking the same time to dig dirt on McCain so that I’m equally well informed?  He got mad.  Told me that he does read up on McCain.  Insinuated that I must want the government to tax the hell out of his paycheck and that it might mean we’d have to give up things like the landscaper and the cleaning people.  ( I know, dear reader,  and understand, you can’t really feel sorry for us.)  I’ve known this man for almost nine years.  This will be our third Presidential election together.  (Funny side-bar – the last election fell on our anniversary.  We went to the firehall and negated each other’s vote, then went out for a lovely dinner.)  What I have learned is that he picks a candidate and then proceeds to get me and other people to agree that we should love that candidate too.  So, from now until Election Day I will hear all kinds of wonderful things about McCain and nothing but horrible stories about Obama.

I am intelligent enough to find my own information if I so desire.  I, however, am one of those people who watches the debates, reads some news stories, and looks at each candidate’s position on issues that matter most to me and then I leave it at that.  I am not a political fanatic.  But here’s the part that annoys me the most about his brow-beating me with Obama vile – I am a Hillary Clinton supporter.  I never wanted Obama to win the nomination.  I’m so disappointed about Hillary not getting the nomination that I’m not sure I am even going to vote in this election.  I just haven’t decided.  I plan on learning even more (on my own) about the candidates before making a decision.  But in all honesty unless McCain can really impress me between now and Election Day, I probably won’t vote.  If you don’t count his wonderful oration skills, I’m not overly impressed with Obama.  My husband knows this.  So, why call me with this conversation first thing in the morning?  Why make it sound like I’m about to vote for Satan himself?

So pray for me.  Pray that I don’t kill my husband, or myself,  before the election.  And please pray that if he insists on these types of discussions that he waits until I’ve at least had my morning coffee.

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