House Hell

As I type this I have men on tall ladders outside my windows.  We had this house built not quite three years ago.  I’ve been complaining that our bedroom walls and floors by the windows feel damp and cold whenever the temperatures drop or we get rainy and damp weather.  We’ve had one serious incident where moisture was getting in around the window and leaking down the wall.  It left the baseboard and rug under that window moldy.  I’ve had the builder in my house several times trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Now once again we have mold on the windows and sills.  (Very healthy environment for my family.)  Again we notified the builder.  They kept trying to blow us off.  It took Big and I getting really pissed off and making threats to finally get some action.  Tuesday one of the contractors came out and took the siding around the windows off.  (We only asked them to do this over a year ago.)  What we found out is that when the idiots built the house they forgot to take the backing off the tape that goes around the windows.  So, the tape is on the house but it doesn’t stick to the house like it’s supposed to.  Upon further inspection we discovered that it’s not just the windows I’ve been complaining about that are like this.

The contractors are here and fixing what they should have done right the first time.  Of course, they’ve been working since 7:30am and it’s now 2:15pm and they’ve only done half the backside of the house.  I’m guessing that with the number of windows we have I can expect to have lots of banging and people on ladders outside my windows for several days.  After weeks of rain and extremely hot temperatures the weather outside is absolutely beautiful but I can’t take my kid to run in the backyard because there is debris all around.  We haven’t even started the basement and I’m in construction hell.

What really gets me is that the builder that built our house is supposed to have a great reputation.  I can tell you that from the problems we’ve had and from talking to other neighbors about their problems the reputation is NOT well deserved.  Not only have they made some major screw ups but their customer service sucks.  They are slow to respond and you have to spend months (years even) repeatedly begging them to resolve outstanding issues.  What a scam.  We’ll throw your house together, promise to give you a product and service that exceeds your expectations, then ignore your calls.  But hey, they got their money why do they care if the house they built falls down in five years.  I would mention the builder’s name but because we live in such a litigious society I’d fear someone working for the company would find this post and we’d be sued.

So, for all you out there that are thinking of having a house built by a major builder, please be wary of all those promises they make.  Hopefully, you won’t experience anything like we’re going through and if you do you’ll get better customer service than we’ve gotten.

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