This is My Life

You want to know what my life looks like?  Here’s a peek at the last two days.

Yesterday – Shorty woke me up at 6:30am, I only had four hours of sleep.  Siding and window guys showed up at 7:45am.  I had men in every bedroom and full bathroom window for several hours.  Couldn’t shower until noon for fear that strange men would see my naked and out of shape body.  Shorty fell asleep while eating lunch and proceeded to sleep until 4:00pm.  Did laundry, wrote grocery list, clipped coupons, surfed the web, and took a short nap while he slept.  Managed to scratch my child on the face while he fought not to be in the highchair.  Fed him dinner but did not feed myself.  Took him to the park for an hour.  Went grocery shopping.  They were out of our favorite bread.  Shorty bit a small piece of the rock he found at the playground while I was driving home from the grocery store.  Heard loud crunching noise and had to pull over to make sure he didn’t choke on rock and explain that we don’t eat rocks.  Managed to close garage door on the open tailgate of Big’s RDX.  Now have deep scratch that will mean shelling out money to fix.  Unpacked groceries only to realize that the deli guy gave me someone else’s American cheese but did not give me the turkey breast I ordered.  Was pissed because I was planning on eating the turkey since I was now starving.  Shorty didn’t go to bed until 10:30pm.

Today – Shorty woke up at 7:00am but fell back to sleep in my bed until 8:30.  Siding and window guy came at 8:00am to finish putting the shutters back on the house.  Big came home from California at 9:30am and loved the scratch in his car.  Had to keep Shorty quiet while Big had conference calls and napped.  Fortunately, Shorty played quietly with his Magnet School letters and cards while I cleaned out his dresser and closet of all clothes that are too small and other crap that was building up.  Found the Tonka dump truck my aunt bought for Shorty before he was born.  Let him play with it since he’s now old enough and loves trucks and cars.  Cleaners showed up just as I was getting ready to make lunch they were very early and the house looked like a bomb exploded.  Convinced them that today was not a good day for us and rescheduled for next week.  Finally called designer at store and made appointment to do something about the curtains in the living and dining rooms.  Shorty wouldn’t nap until after 4:00pm.  Big and Shorty slept until 7:10pm.  Made dinner and cleaned out a bunch of old magazines and catalogs while they slept.  Shorty and I showered at 8:30.  Since he napped very late he didn’t go to bed until almost 11:00pm.  Back, neck, and shoulders are killing me.

Some exciting life, ain’t it?  Makes you glad you’re living the life you have, doesn’t it?

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