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Family Bonding

We’re still on vacation and having a great time.  This vacation is the annual gathering of Big’s side of the family.  Since his family is scattered in three different states we have formed a tradition of taking one family vacation so we … Continue reading

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Three Words

Sun, Sand, Water. Will write more another time, but that sums up our days right now.

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Radio Control

In the words of Leo from The Little Einsteins, “I cannot believe it!”  My child is not even two and already he is telling me what to play on the car radio.  We spent most of the day running errands … Continue reading

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Murphy’s Law

So, we’re heading out for vacation soon and I’m trying to get ready.  Last week I bought laundry detergent because I was running low.  I go to use the new bottle and notice I picked up one of the scented ones.  … Continue reading

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Life Is Good

You know those moments when life goes your way and you feel okay with yourself … I’m having one right now.  I pulled out an old pair of pants this morning fully expecting not to be able to get in … Continue reading

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Gas – $65.68 Three pairs of shoes for kid – $95.00 Watching 23 month old tap the beat to Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” while singing “doo, doo, doot.”  – Priceless Everyday Shorty does something that makes us chuckle and thank our lucky … Continue reading

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Evolution of Motherhood

I had an interesting conversation with my mom the other day.  My mom has been helping my grandmother and it’s starting to wear her down.  My grandmom has always been a fiercely independent and outspoken person.  She has not taken … Continue reading

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