You know how some weeks are boring and nothing happens and you’re lulled ( holy crap, I actually had to stop and think how to spell lulled) into thinking that life is boring and unexciting.  Then BAM! everything comes at once.  Well, I’m having a BAM! week.

Monday our basement contractor called.  He wanted to know if they could start our basement on Wednesday (that would be today).  This is at least two weeks earlier than our original tentative start date and me being the consummate procrastinator that I am hadn’t even started clearing out the basement of all the things we store down there.  Of course, Big was in California so he wasn’t around to help me.  And of course, Shorty is on one of his “I’m not napping until dinner time and then I’ll stay up until 10:30-11:00pm so that Mommy is exhausted and has no time to get things done” kick.  But, of course, (see an “of course” pattern here) I told the contractor, “Sure, no problem.”  Then he tells me they’ll drop some materials and tools off on Tuesday afternoon so everything is ready for an early start on Wednesday.  “Umm, okay.”

Oh and then there was the little toilet episode.  Apparently there is some trouble in the neighborhood sewage system.  Men in trucks with mechanical hoses and snakes were working in the manhole in front of my house.  I heard my toilets bubbling.  Sure enough when they left I had to pee but I couldn’t until I cleaned all the yucky toilet water and toilet paper that had splashed all over the seat, lid, rim, and bowl.  Shorty had fun watching mommy cross her legs while she cleaned and implored him not to touch anything.

Tuesday I had a dentist appointment in the morning.  No babysitter so I had to take Shorty with me.  As luck would have it I had to get the psycho-neurotic chatty hygienist who apparently had no concern for thefact that my toddler was trying to climb out of his stroller so he could play with the dentist’s two doggies.  On and on she talked while I kept hoping Shorty wouldn’t fall on his head and the office assistants helped by re-seating my son every so often.  (Thanks ladies.)  About those two dogs – my son loved them.  At one point he was holding one dog on each side of the dog’s face while the dog licked the hell out of his whole face.  I was grossed out and praying the dog wouldn’t bite him but he was having the time of his life.  And he totally impressed the dentist with his excited squeals of “See puppy dog!”  I think the dentist was so disappointed when I said we didn’t have any dogs and it was unlikely that we’d be getting any.  But all in all Shorty was good and other than some gum recession from brushing too vigorously my teeth are healthy.

Tuesday afternoon the contractor not only delivered the materials and tools but they helped move some of the crap in the basement and they actually started doing some prep work on the walls.  Of course, this meant that Shorty was definitely not napping due to the noise.  So, when did he finally nap you ask?  While eating his dinner.  No amount of shaking him and banging on his tray could wake him.  So, I finished my meal in annoyance and started moving boxes from the basement to our spare bedroom.  My house looks oh so beautiful right now.  Then Big called and we proceeded to argue and he hung up on me.  Nice, huh?  Shorty finally went to bed at 11:00pm and although I was exhausted I couldn’t sleep because I was too wound up.  So, I watched another episode of Bones: Season 1 and then passed out.

Today, Big pulled into the garage at 7:30am (back from Cali) and the contractors pulled right in behind him.  Work commenced by 7:45am.  Bang, Bang, Bang … Drill, Drill, Drill … Jackhammer, Jackhammer, Jackhammer.  Oy, I really needed my cup o’ Joe this morning.  Shorty didn’t want to eat breakfast but he did poop before I was finished drinking my coffee.  Yippy!  I ran around trying to straighten some toys and make sure the bathroom towels were cleaned up because the cleaners were coming that afternoon.  I also purged some more piles of papers and magazines.  Yay Me!  While Big took a conference call Shorty and I showered.  I made him lunch and raced out the door to make my appointment with the Reproductive Endocrinologist.  Yes, indeedy I’m probably heading down that joyous road again (feel the sarcasm dripping from my mouth).  I’ll talk more about that appointment later.  Came home to find the cleaners were already there and almost finished.  Contractors were still banging away.  Was informed that Tuesday we’ll have no water for the day.  Once the contractors left I was able to get Shorty down for his nap.  It’s 6:30pm and Big and Shorty are snoozing away.  Dinner is in the oven.  House is clean.  All is quiet.  I’m finally getting some alone time.  AHHH!

Still leaving nasty messages for the builder who built this house in hopes that maybe someday they will respond.  Beginning to think maybe it’s time to have a lawyer leave the nasty messages.

This weekend we’ll (who am I kidding, mostly me) will concentrate on getting the rest of the crap out of the basement.  I love books but I hate moving the damn things.  So, something to keep me busy for awhile because I’m not juggling enough already.  Oh and then there is my kid’s birthday party planning that I should work on.  I need to get that small guest list together and get those invites out.

Woman/Mother thy work is never done.

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