Life Is Good

You know those moments when life goes your way and you feel okay with yourself … I’m having one right now.  I pulled out an old pair of pants this morning fully expecting not to be able to get in them.  Surprise!  I’m wearing them right now.  Here’s the really special part not only are they soft and comfortable but they are about 15 years old.  That’s right FIFTEEN YEARS!  Let’s ruminate for a moment on that fact.

1.  Who makes pants these days that last that long without falling apart?
2.  Who makes pants these days that are still in style 15 years later?
3.  How is it possible that a pair of pants could be so soft and comfortable?

In case you haven’t guessed it’s that last one that gives me the big, warm fuzzy vibe here.  Granted they are a little tighter than I’d like them to be.  But they are not scandalously tight.  I couldn’t fit into them a few weeks ago.  I gained 50 pounds when I was pregnant with my son.  I don’t exercise.  I eat like a pig.  How is it possible that these wonderful pants that I bought in my early twenties still fit?

So, I’m feeling good.  My body may not be as tight and firm as it once was.  My stomach is no longer the flat, toned thing that it used to be.  BUT MY OLD PANTS STILL FIT!!!  Somehow this small thing has made me feel like dancing the happy dance.

So, just as soon as I go clean up the play doh my son just took out while I typed this post I’m going to go dance in the streets in my soft, feels like an old friend pair of pants .  Anyone want to join me?

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One Response to Life Is Good

  1. Well, I can’t say 15 years, but I can definitely relate. When I put on my pre- pregnancy, as in pre-FIRST pregnancy pants I was just about this ecstatic. I thought they’d never fit again!

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