Murphy’s Law

So, we’re heading out for vacation soon and I’m trying to get ready.  Last week I bought laundry detergent because I was running low.  I go to use the new bottle and notice I picked up one of the scented ones.  Can’t use it because my son has a history of eczema.  So, I’m behind on the wash because I need to buy the right detergent tomorrow.

Haven’t had a cold in almost a year.  Of course, tonight my throat feels like it’s getting sore.  Why now?  Can’t I be healthy for this vacation?

Trying to plan Shorty’s birthday party because it’s in two weeks.  Tried to call the bakery to order his cake before we leave for vacation.  Couldn’t do it because they are on vacation until July 30th.  This is our absolute favorite bakery.  Now have to pray they will take the order on short notice.

It never fails, right?  Whatever can happen to make life more miserable for a busy mom will happen.

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One Response to Murphy’s Law

  1. I find myself constantly yelling about how nothing can just be easy. It really does seem like since becoming a busy mom with, you know, NO TIME, nothing goes right – it always takes 10 times the time it should take. Or maybe I just notice it more because it has such a huge impact when things fall apart. I hope you are able to prepare and enjoy your vacation, your much deserved vacation…

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