Shorty’s World

We’re back from vacation.  Time to reflect a little on some of Shorty’s latest antics.  He chose our vacation to really put on a show for his grandparents and to make us proud.  Here are a few of his actions.

1.  He now regularly bursts out in song – Old MacDonald, This Old Man, The ABCs, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, BINGO, The Farmer in the Dell, and many more.

2.  He also regularly recites books.  He’s got a memory like an elephant.  He can recite several of his books without even looking at them and does so often.

3.  Family Hugs – this is something we’ve been doing for months as part of the bedtime routine.  Big and I hold Shorty and we all hug.  Well, Shorty decided that dinner time was the new family hug time.  At least twice while on vacation he said, “Family Hug” and then proceeded to hold out both arms (like a cross) for Big and I to lean over and give him a hug.  Needless to say the grandparents thought this adorable.

4.  Daring Stair Climbing – Shorty has always been a daredevil when it comes to the stairs and many other things, but now he is becoming a little too over-confident in his abilities and wants to go up and down the stairs constantly.  There were four floors at the beach house and Big and I spent a good deal of time trying to divert Shorty’s attention to something a little less heart-pounding for mom and dad.

5.  Sand – He loves it.  Give him a bucket and a shovel and he’ll dig away.  He also likes to take big handfuls and just let it drop while he intently watches the sand fall back to earth.

6.  Water – Slow to warm up to it.  Took him a few go arounds in the pool before he stopped clinging so hard to me that I felt like he was melting into me.  Interactive fountains were a no go – lots of crying and screaming, “No shower.”  So, no cute pictures of Shorty playing in the interactive fountains.

7.  Speaking of showers – Apparently, strange bathtubs scare him too.  He cried every time Big or I took him in the shower and the one time I tried just giving him a bath thinking maybe if the shower curtain were open he would be more comfortable.  Nope, still cried.

8.  He likes older kids.  I’m not talking one or two years older.  I’m talking late elementary school kids.  He fawned all over my eleven year old nephew (to the point of being sappy), but we had to really push him to interact with my niece who is only two years older than Shorty.  He’s the same when I take him to the playground at home.  He ignores the little kids but wants to run after the big kids.

9.  Sentences – This week his language skills went up another notch.  He’s speaking mostly in sentences now and even trying to tell us little stories.

10. – Milk vacation – Apparently Shorty will not drink milk while on vacation.  He will drink juice, smoothies, milk shakes, yogurt drinks, water, and the few sips of soda Big allowed him to have, but he would not let a drop of milk pass his lips.  Now that we’re home the only thing we’re allowing him to have besided water is milk.  Vacation is over kid – time to go back to your regularly scheduled eating and drinking program.

10.  Shorty is a homebody – You could visually see the happiness and almost relief when we arrived home.  The first thing he did when he walked in the door was grab a vacuum and start cleaning the floors.  Once he felt the carpets were sufficiently cleaned he proceeded to pull out every toy that didn’t go on vacation with us.  I have a feeling I’ll be picking up lots of messes this week as Shorty reacquaints himself with his much beloved possessions.

That’s pretty much it besides all the other cute things he does.  I’ll refrain from anymore Shorty stories for today as I’m sure you’ve all gotten more that your fill of my child for the day.

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