Change of Scenery

Being a stay-at-home-mom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be some days.  There are those days when both you and your child feel isolated and trapped in a box.  You are going stir crazy trying to find ways of keeping your little one amused and they are doing their best to get into every thing you don’t want them to be into.  They won’t eat.  They won’t sleep.  You can’t concentrate because of all the whining and crying.  You’re ready to kill each other or have seriously considered slitting your own throat to put yourself out of the misery.  This is when you know it’s time to get out and do something not planned.  It doesn’t matter what else you thought you had to do that day.  Put all that aside.  Rethink your priorities, get the car keys, and drive somewhere.  Anywhere.

Today was one of those days.  No one is sleeping well in our house again.  By morning we’re all cranky and irritable.  Shorty has decided that he is going on a sorta, kinda eating strike so he is hungry but won’t eat.  I haven’t as of yet figured out why he’s doing this.  He’s bored.  I’m bored.  He’s cranky and hungry.  I’m tired and cranky.  I’m out of patience and ideas.

By 12:30 this afternoon I couldn’t take it anymore.  I packed up our things and to McDonald’s we went.  Not exactly my favorite place to eat but I was hoping a Happy Meal and a strawberry milkshake would entice Shorty to let something of substance pass his lips.   He ate enough to make me feel like he’s not going to wither away before the day’s end.  He felt better.  I felt better.

He fell asleep curled up in the carseat with his favorite blue thermal blankie almost as soon as we got back in the car.  I should be grocery shopping as we have nothing to eat in house.  But you know what.  It’s almost five and he’s still sleeping.  I’m getting peace and quiet.  I’m sure he’ll be waking any minute.  I’ll figure dinner out at the last minute.  I’ll go grocery shopping tonight or tomorrow morning before my appointment with the fertility doctor.  (Oh yeah, that’s one of those things I’ve been trying to write about for weeks but haven’t quite gotten my thoughts together enough to actually do.)

In the meantime, I’m taking comfort in the fact that even though my Big-n-Tasty combo meal is feeling like a brick in my gut, I managed to find a reasonable solution that didn’t involve injury or death to settle my nerves and get my kid to eat and take a nap.  Everyone will be much better off all thanks to the car and McDonald’s.

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2 Responses to Change of Scenery

  1. Kiirekass says:

    Before I had kids I admit I was a little judgmental about other people’s parenting skills. I have this one friend who would take her newborn, and later toddler out and about everyday and all day long. If there was a class or an activity to sign up for, she was there with her son. I thought it was ridiculous. Don’t babies and toddlers need some down time at home? The answer is not as simple for me as it once was and I can totally relate to your McDonald’s run! Having an almost 3 year old and 18 month old home with me alone all day and often all night since the hubby travels quite a bit for work is EXHAUSTING! I go to the gym 3 days a week and not for the exercise. I go because they have childcare. Swim classes, music classes, gymnastics all happen to get us out of the house more than for the more obvious benefits. I think nothing of spending 2 hours in the park. My classic “I can’t take the kids screaming and tearing up the house one more moment” escape is Starbucks. The kids are contained in their car seats and I get a treat. We just drive around and listen to music and make animal sounds, but only if I’m not too exhausted. Otherwise I just listen to music and tell the kids I need to be quiet for a little bit because my voice is tired so they don’t think I am ignoring them since they won’t stop talking no matter what.

    Anyhow, I hope you are finally digested 😉 and that the fertility appt. goes well!

  2. Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. You know I hear you. SOmetimes you just have to grab the keys and run in order to get through the day. And I find that the really bad mornings, like the ones where everyone is tired and cranky right form the start? Those are the days where you really have to get out, because if you don’t then the day just seems to last for 27 hours.

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