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What The …?

At about 1:40 in the morning Big and I got an unexpected rude awakening.  The loudest sound we’ve ever heard made us both jump up from a sound sleep.  The house actually shook.  We still have no idea what the … Continue reading

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Bet You Didn’t Do This Today

A few things I bet you didn’t do that I did. 1.  Spend over an hour in Home Depot trying to decide which window treatments you want for the basement even though none of them are your first choice. 2.  … Continue reading

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Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right …

We ordered furniture for our basement.  This is what we’re going through: 1.  Order furniture, schedule delivery. 2.  Had to postpone delivery because painter told me it would take three days to paint the basement.  What he should have said … Continue reading

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Just a Few Random Thoughts

I’m still scratching my head as to why I should care about these items. Clay Aiken just announced that yes, indeed, he’s gay. Hmmm, I needed the news to tell me this?  Like I hadn’t figured it out years ago.  And … Continue reading

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The Muffin Man

Or shall we saw muffin mom?  My son has made me listen to this song about thirty times today.  It’s a not so gentle reminder that I’m grossly out of shape.  So out of shape that I get winded trying … Continue reading

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Little Pitchers Have Big Ears

My grandmother used to have a small ceramic pitcher that had these large ears.  Whenever an adult was saying something that wasn’t meant for little people to hear she would point to the pitcher.  As a kid I never quite … Continue reading

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And Then Some Days All Goes Well

Yesterday I wrote about my doubts and insecurities regarding motherhood.  I’d like to thank the moms who reached out to me and assured me that Shorty was acting like a normal toddler.  With their comments in mind we headed off to … Continue reading

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