So Busy

A few of you may have noticed the lack of postings on this blog recently.  I’m busy trying to finalize this basement remodeling project with the contractors.  We’re in the home stretch and I’m trying organize paint selection, painting, furniture delivery, bathroom fixture installation and lighting fixtures, carpet delivery and installation.  I also need to get moving on window treatments.  My brother put down the tile this weekend.

Paint color has been a nightmare for me.  I am not good at selecting wall colors.  I’m also indecisive.  But I am pretty sure that I have it narrowed down to about three.  I have to make a decision tomorrow or maybe Wednesday at the latest.  Wish me luck.

I can’t wait to have the basement finished so we can relax and enjoy the space and I can stop being so anal about everything.  Plus it would be nice to see the non-stop outflow (is that even a word?) of money end.

I do have some things I want to post about but, honestly, it will have to wait for another day.

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One Response to So Busy

  1. Kiirekass says:

    Two words, “color designer.” I am terrible about picking the right shade of the colors I like. This house I had a color designer come in and work with me to refine the shades of the colors I wanted for the whole house along with some suggestions I wouldn’t have even considered. Now all my colors are coordinated in the entire house and I actually like the shade versus always thinking I have to repaint because the shade of color isn’t exactly what I expected. Anyhow, I hope your basement project comes together nicely! I bet you’ll miss the project when it is all done 😉

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