I Get It Now

Today Big, Shorty, and I took a drive to our nearest Ikea.  It was my first experience in an Ikea store.  Now I know why so many people love this store.  It’s fun, inexpensive, family friendly, and creative.  I’m a bit of a snob about furniture and home decor.  I usually prefer Ethan Allen and Thomasville over other furniture stores.  But Big and I decided that for Shorty’s play area in the basement we didn’t want to spend an excessive amount of money.  Pottery Barn Kids is cute but a bit over-priced for play tables and storage units.  So to Ikea we headed.

I have to say that we found lots of great ideas there.  Today we only purchased a table and some chairs for Shorty as we don’t have a car large enough to buy everything in one trip.  Plus we hadn’t originally planned on going there.  It was a spur of the moment thing while we were already out.  I didn’t have the measurements for the play area with me to be able to accurately determine how many of the new Trofast storage units and bins we’d need.  But we’ll be making a return trip another weekend.

I totally love the bright colorful kid stuff they have.  It’s fun.  It’s exactly how I imagine a child’s playroom should look.  I saw these really cool leaf shaped canopy things that would really make a reading area look creative and cool.  Unfortunately, they were out of stock until their next shipment in three weeks and it’s not a catalog or Internet item.  My excitement for putting our child’s play area together has grown ten times after strolling Ikea’s wares.  Big and I talked about a reading area, a toy storage area, and art area.  We’ve already made plans to do a train table too.  We saw a few cute chair ideas too.  We just need to decide which of the many chairs we saw will make it into our vision.

So, as of today you can officially add me to the Ikea’s list of fans.  I get it now, I really do.

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