Well, it happened.  Shorty has his first official illness that is more than just the sniffles.  Last night he had a fever of 104.1 and a rash that started on his face and then covered his whole body.  Of course, since Shorty has only had the sniffles three times in his life you can imagine the panic I felt when I read the thermometer.  So, there I was at 8:00pm calling the after hours number for our pediatrician.

The pediatrician gave instructions for Tylenol, lukewarm (not cold) baths, lots and lots of fluids especially since Shorty didn’t want to eat at all, and if all else failed or if the rash or fever got worse a trip to the emergency room.  Fortunately, after some Tylenol and a cool bath the fever came down to 101.  Once we got it down I left Shorty with Big while I ran to the store and stocked up on every drink imaginable and more Tylenol and Motrin (in case it was needed).  By 1:00am his fever was down to 100.4.  By this morning he was down to 99 but the rash was still there and would get more prominent if he got overheated or took a warm bath.

I called the doctor again and this time they wanted to see the rash.  We were ushered in through the rash room door and taken to the rash exam room.  Turns out Shorty only has roseola.  High fever and rash, some congestion, little bit of redness in throat, and extreme crankiness.  So, tonight we continue with the fluids, check to make sure his temperature doesn’t spike again, and let him eat whatever his little heart desires just so he gets some food in him.  He actually went to town on some brown rice at dinner time.  Oh, and pray the crankiness comes to an end soon.

I’ll be honest, I’m glad Shorty hasn’t been one of those kids who’s always sick because it’s really worrisome.  I hate seeing my kid feel bad.  I’m guessing though that once he starts school that he’ll catch every cold that comes down the road because his immunity isn’t as built up as the kids who started daycare early in life.  If that happens I guess I’ll be like my mom and write lots of notes that start with, “Dear Mrs./Mr. So and So, please excuse …”

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One Response to Fever

  1. faemom says:

    First off Motrim. It works wonders. It’ll bring down the fever quicker and lower than Tylenol. Pedialyte (or its generic) is great for illness. And don’t worry about his immunity. He might just be one of the lucky ones who’ll never get sick! 😀

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