He Makes It So Hard

Bedtime.  One of the hardest parts of our day in this house.  It’s totally my and Big’s fault.  We have given our child no good sleep habits.  First we taught him that to fall asleep he needed one of us to hold him or walk him.  Then we’ve allowed him the luxury of sleeping in our bed way too many times.  I’m really the guilty party there.  When Big travels a lot (as he did the last two weeks) it’s just easier for me to let Shorty sleep in the bed with me.  Besides, if the truth be told, I like snuggling with my son and waking up with his sweet face near mine.

So, now that his fever is gone and he’s almost back to his old self (the rash is still lingering as the pediatrician said it would) Big has made the decision that Shorty needs to be back in the crib.  Last night Shorty had to cry himself to sleep, all the while screaming, “No crib, no crib!”  Tonight as soon as we said it was time to brush his teeth he looked at me with his best Aren’t-I-too-cute-to-resist look and said, “No sleep in the crib.  Sleep in the big bed.”  Then after getting his teeth brushed and looking for the moon he said, “No crib, HAVE to sleep in the big bed.”

Big and I looked at each other and for just a split second we almost caved.  Big actually asked me where Shorty was sleeping.  I seriously thought about letting him just come sleep in our bed.  But then I realized that Shorty would never sleep in his own room if this kept up and I said, “He’s sleeping in his crib.”   And so after some crying and protesting Shorty is in fact sleeping in his crib at this very moment.

Of course, I can’t promise that it will last all night.  It might but then again Shorty might wake up one time too many tonight and give us that sweet look and ask to “sleep in the big bed,” and Big and I might cave.  We’re pushovers like that and Shorty plays us like a fiddle.

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