The Muffin Man

Or shall we saw muffin mom?  My son has made me listen to this song about thirty times today.  It’s a not so gentle reminder that I’m grossly out of shape.  So out of shape that I get winded trying to dance to it.  So out of shape that the walk I tried to take with my son just to get away from the damn song has me feeling sore in the thigh and buttocks area.

To look at me I don’t look out of shape.  I’m a size four for God’s sake.  Okay, maybe a six in some clothes.  But trust me, I’m headed for an early death unless I do something soon.  I used to be a size two with room in them.  (Yes, you can hate me.)  Then I got pregnant with Shorty and gained fifty freakin pounds!  I carried 25 of those pounds on me until Shorty was about five months old then all of a sudden weight started to fly off.  I lost all the weight from pregnancy and then about eight pounds more.  I looked great!  I bought new skinny jeans and pants.  I felt good about myself.

Then I got pregnant again and then again five months after that.  The weight started coming on as soon as the stick turned pink.  I haven’t stopped eating since.  I have serious muffin top.  You know where your belly hangs over your pant waist.  Yeah, attractive visual isn’t it?  I’ve gained at least 10 pounds.  I don’t exercise.  Not a lick.  I eat and eat and eat, and  … well you get it.

Big has listened to me complain about this for months.  He is an exercise freak.  You know those ads for P90X with Tony Horton.  Yeah, well Big does that shit and keeps up.  He has tried to encourage me.  He has used his own success to try to motivate me.  Somehow the fact that he lost 50 pounds with P90X hasn’t quite given me the urge to start exercising.  He even did one of the 30 minute routines with me one night.  It was supposed to be easy.  HAHAHAHAHA!  I was out of breath and hurt for three days after that.

He bought me the weight control game for my DS.  I have yet to use it or the fancy pedometer it came with.  He bought me Wii Fit at my request.  You guessed it.  Still sitting in the box.  He swears if I don’t use it soon he is never buying me another game for the Wii again.

But seriously folks.  I’m in bad shape.  It’s become a matter of health now.  If I don’t do something I’m not gonna live a long life.  Besides, I think it might help with the whole depression thing.  And who knows if I’m in shape I might have a better chance of carrying another pregnancy to term.

So, I ask you.  Besides walking, which I need to do more of anyway, what activity do you do that is free that helps keep you in shape?  And does anyone have some healthy and easy to make dinner suggestions because I hate to cook and I’m running out of ideas.

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3 Responses to The Muffin Man

  1. badmommymoments says:

    depression is a sticky thing. i’ve found that it never looks the way i expect and then comes and goes without warning in my life, leaving a filthy house and mounds of laundry behind. compounded by the fact that i fell in love with chocolate AFTER my first pregnancy when i was already trying to lose the weight that came along with a 9lb baby. i’m your size, so i completely understand the weight thing too. pre-pregnancy 2 (in my head still a 2, but in real life, not-so-much). it’s also hard because no one sympathizes with weight issues when you start out small. honestly, the best luck i’ve had with losing weight was eating small meals. that way, if i get hungry during the time in between, i don’t feel so bad for eating again. now, if i could just learn to hate chocolate…

  2. faemom says:

    You tiny people. Blah.
    But seriously. My best friend and I joined weight watchers. (ok, she joined and forced me to be her partner in crime). The thing I that helped me was realizing I could eat all the fruits and vegetables I wanted. So I started having fruit for snack and serving three vegetables/fruit at dinner. It’s always the little things for me. Like eating some almonds to deal with in between meal snacking. Parking the car further from the store. Taking as many trips up the stairs as possible. I got a mommy and me exercise dvd. Small plates and portion sizes. Diet soda (yuck, but learning). I lost weight slowly but gained a life style. CDesserts are my problem so I eat no-fat whip cream with berries or surgar-free pudding.
    Dinner suggestions: broil steak with several pieces of garlic. While the steak is cooking crush the garlic in with a cup of beef broth for a sauce. Shredded chicken (cook or uncooked) cooked with a can of tomatoes and pepers (mexican style) and come garlic makes a great filler for tacos or burritos. Fried rice with as many vegetables as you can pack in it.

  3. Kiirekass says:

    Or, eat what you are used to and take a Mommy break by trying out a gym with childcare. I work out 3-4 times a week, but not because I love working out- they have CHILDCARE! This keeps me going more than a love of exercise, believe me. Someone else watches my two kids for 60-90 minutes while I watch bad daytime TV such as whatever is on the E! channel at 11 AM (a secret vice) while on the elliptical or treadmill before hitting the weight machines. You get “me” time , the kids socialize and, well, there is the added benefit of working out 3-4 times a week too. Though for the muffin stomach thing, the only thing to do is crunches. I’ve been going to the gym very regularly for the past couple of years, am not overweight but HATE crunches and have the tummy thing going on. After two kids I find it hard to believe it will ever go away (sorry for the negativity!) but my trainer insists I give crunches a try.

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