Bet You Didn’t Do This Today

A few things I bet you didn’t do that I did.

1.  Spend over an hour in Home Depot trying to decide which window treatments you want for the basement even though none of them are your first choice.

2.  Put your kid’s Thomas train track together 25 times.

3.  Get stood up by Bose’s installation people (Whitaker Brothers).

4.  Tell your hubby that you would rip him, Bose, Whitaker Brothers, and Best Buy a new asshole if any damage is done to the new basement walls, especially since you begged to have all this work done before the drywall was put up.

5.  Leave a whole bag of paid for groceries at the grocery store and not realize it until after you got home, put dinner in the oven, and started unpacking everything.  This realization came immediately after telling hubby that you would rip him said new asshole over the whole home theater thing.

Now can I go to bed so this day can be over before some other insanity occurs?

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2 Responses to Bet You Didn’t Do This Today

  1. Unfortunately, number one is exactly what we have on deck for this afternoon’s activity.

    And the real question is: did you get to rip anyone a new asshole? Because that would be something I definitely did not get to do today:)

  2. faemom says:

    Sigh. Some days are like that. I hate those days.

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