Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right …

We ordered furniture for our basement.  This is what we’re going through:

1.  Order furniture, schedule delivery.
2.  Had to postpone delivery because painter told me it would take three days to paint the basement.  What he should have said was three ‘MAN’ days, which really meant one day with three men.  So, postponed and rescheduled delivery for nothing.
3.  Furniture arrives.  Refuse damaged cocktail table and one end table.  Wanted to refuse left facing loveseat for the sectional because of scratch in leather but need whole sectional for Bose speaker placement which is going to occur before new loveseat will arrive.  Ask delivery men if there will be a problem getting a replacement if we accept this piece and mark on delivery sheet that it’s damaged and want replacement.  Told, absolutely no problems at all.”  Ask repeatedly if they are sure because if it’s going to be a problem we’ll just refuse the piece now.  Also, realize that there are two minuscule marks in leather on two other pieces but decide to accept pieces and have leather repair done because the marks are almost microscopic.  Delivery men leave damaged loveseat but do not put legs on it or attach it to other part of sectional since we’re getting a replacement.  Told store customer service will call us later in the day to schedule replacement deliveries.  After delivery men leave notice that they scuffed up my newly painted wall.
4.  Never hear from store so call myself.  Told since we accepted damaged loveseat we will now have to allow their leather people to come and see if they can repair it before we can have it replaced.  I argue the point and am told sorry that is store policy.  Tell them drivers told us differently and even marked it on the paper we signed.  No dice, I lose.  Cancel damaged end table as Big and I decided we don’t want it.  Ask when I can expect replacement cocktail table and the piece of sectional that wasn’t in stock and never made it to our doorstep.  Told they’ll call me later to give me date.
6.  Tell Big when he gets home and watch as Big gets his angry old man look on face.  He calls store and tells them the same thing I did.  Store tells him they will track down delivery sheet and call us back.
7.  Store calls back and now they will send us a replacement loveseat without making us go through leather repair first.  Apparently, store only responds to people with a penis.  I’m pissed that I was ignored.
8.  Delivery of replacement loveseat scheduled for September 23rd, first told that cocktail table will also be arriving that day but that out of stock piece of sectional will not be delivered until October 1.  Go to store the night before delivery to get refund on the end table we don’t want because they won’t credit my credit card over the phone.  Find out that the cocktail table also won’t arrive until October 1st because someone in customer service changed the date without my permission.  Can’t get it changed back because the trucks are already loaded for the next morning’s delivery.
9.  Replacement loveseat comes.  Same delivery guys.  This one scratched in same place as original but not as badly as the first one.  Decide to just have leather people who are coming later that day try to fix it because God only knows how many more could arrive damaged.  Delivery guys were supposed to bring legs for loveseat but guess what?  No legs.  Do they call the store?  No.  Do they apologize?  No.  Do they even tuck in the straps that are on the couch to help carry it.  No.  When I ask about that they tell me either I can cut them off or just tuck them down into the cushions.  Do I ever want to see these lazy, good for nothing delivery men again?  No.
10.  Leather guy comes.  Actually does a good job repairing the scratches and nicks.  But he realizes that not only do we not have the legs for the loveseat but that a few of the inner legs on some of other pieces are missing as well.  He calls store and tells them to order six legs.  Does not attach loveseat to rest of sectional since it has no legs.
11.  Warehouse calls today to ask when we want legs delivered.  Big is off and takes the call.  He is fed up and tells them to bring the damn legs to the store and he’ll pick them up and attach them himself so we can actually use the damn couch that was delivered a week ago.  Pick legs up at store.
12.  Get home.  Try to attach legs.  Wrong legs and not enough of them.
13.  Big goes back to store ready to kill someone.  Demands that they get him the correct legs by tomorrow.  Also, tells them their delivery guys suck.
14.  We’ll see how the saga ends.  Can’t wait to find out if the new cocktail table will be damaged again too.  Oh, and the other piece of the sectional that won’t arrive until October 1st, I’m still trying to convince Big to cancel it because I know it will make the couch too large to look good in the room.  But he’s a man and insists that he needs to see it first.  So, I have to go through the exercise of having it delivered just so I can tell them thanks but no thanks.  Only good side of that is that I get to screw with the store and the delivery guys.  Sweet revenge!
15.  Basement might finally be ready by year’s end.

Clowns to the left, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle.

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