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The Phillies just won the World Series.  WHOOOO HOOO!!!!  <Happy Dance, Happy Dance> I just called my dad.  We watched the Phillies win in 1980.  My dad has been a fan for years.  He took both my brother and me to … Continue reading

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A Few Things To Be Grateful For

I do a lot of whining and complaining so today I thought I would take a moment to share something for which I feel grateful.  I love my house and its location.  Everyday I am blessed to see some of life’s … Continue reading

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Just A Little Pet Peeve of Mine

This evening I saw something that drives me bonkers.  I was in CVS and standing in line behind me was a woman holding a baby about eight or nine months old.  Then I noticed the baby’s feet.  She was barefoot.  … Continue reading

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Shorty and His Moments

Shorty is doing his best to make me second guess my parenting abilities.  This last week he did everything he could to make life as challenging as possible.  It started Thursday with Kindermusik.  We arrived late.  (My fault not his.)  … Continue reading

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You Win Some and You Lose Some

It’s been a crazy morning.  I was up at 6:00am to get dressed and ready for an appointment with the reproductive endocrinologist and his lovely team of miracle workers.  It’s funny how the legs that haven’t been shaved in about … Continue reading

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Squish, Squish

There’s nothing like having your two year old critique your body.  Shorty’s latest mommy ego buster is to lift my shirt, take his two little hands and pinch all the fat around my middle, and say, “Squish, Squish.”  He finds … Continue reading

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An Urgent Feeling That EVERYTHING Has To Get Done NOW!

Please excuse me while I lose my mind yet again.  It must be the Clomid and all this trying to have another baby crap that’s the driving force behind all this.  I have this feeling that EVERYTHING that I have not done … Continue reading

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