The Right Words Just Won’t Come

For the last two days I’ve been trying to write a post on my thoughts on this whole bail out mess.  I have written a mini novella but nothing seems right.  So I’ll wait to post that because it’s just an unnecessary rant at the moment.

Instead I’ll say this.  I’m what I consider to be an independent.  I don’t vote for a candidate based on party affiliation.  I vote based on the issues.  In the past I’ve voted both Democrat and Republican.  Usually this close to a Presidential election I know who I’m going to vote for but not this year.

I’m deeply disappointed in both candidates.  I don’t think either of them is what this country needs right now.  This whole bail out thing has me even more upset with Washington as a whole.  I could go either way but I feel like neither way is what I want or the right way.

How in the name of God do I rectify this feeling?  Please let something happen soon that helps guide me to make a decision.

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