Here Come The Sick Days

Well, it was bound to happen at some point.  I signed Shorty up for Kindermusik and Lil Kickers and now he’s getting sick all the time.  Friday we made another trip to the pediatrician. 

Shorty had the sniffles all week but he had no fever and he seemed to be slowly getting better.  Then Thursday night he started holding his ear.  Friday morning he was still holding the ear and a cough developed.  The pediatrician confirmed what I thought … beginning stages of an ear infection and a very red throat.  It’s his first ear infection.  For only the second time in his life Shorty has to take antibiotics.

I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that Shorty has been so healthy up to this point.  I just feel bad that now he seems to be sick all the time when he should just be allowed to enjoy his classes and the beautiful fall weather.

Of course, now I’m sick.  My throat is on fire and I feel like someone beat me.  I hope we’re not destined to keep passing this cold back and forth.  When I worked in daycare many years ago I was constantly sick.  I’ve enjoy several years in which I’ve been reasonably healthy.  We’ve managed up to this point to keep Shorty healthy too.  In light of those facts, I have not found of family doctor for myself in the three years we’ve lived here so if I start getting sick a lot I guess I might have to finally break down and find a good doctor.

All this illness has also prevented Shorty from getting his first flu shot.  We had an appointment scheduled more than a week ago but he still had the rash from the roseolla so we nixed the shot.  He had an appointment scheduled for today but he’s still in bed and I hate to wake him because I know he feels awful and I’m too sick to rush around getting us ready and out the door.  Big is out of town today so he can’t take Shorty.  So, I cancelled yet another shot.  Ironic that being sick is preventing us from getting the shot that is supposed to help you fight sickness.  Sigh.

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