Singing Parrot

Shorty is going through a phase.  He sings all the time.  The best is that he has become a shower singer.  As soon as he gets in the shower with either Big or me the singing starts.  He sings the Diego theme song.  He sings The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song.  (Yes, we watch too much TV in this house.)  He sings Avril Lavigne’s “Keep Holding On“.  He sings One Republic’s “Stop and Stare“.  He sings songs from his Kindermusik class.  You name it he sings it.  Car rides are a blast listening to him try to sing the words of many of the songs he hears on the radio.

He also is into repeating everything we say.  It’s like having a little parrot around.  The best is that he now says, “My back hurts,” while holding his lower back.  Big is only slightly amused by this one as it’s a direct imitation of him when he is having back troubles.  I find it hilarious.  It does mean that we have to be very careful about what we say around him.

I wonder how long the singing parrot phase will last and what’s yet to come?

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One Response to Singing Parrot

  1. faemom says:

    That’s adorable. My little guy sings too, but now he’s added a bow and a “thank you; thank you” at the end.

    I think how long the singing parrot phase lasts depends on the kid, but a lot of them sing alone when they learn to be self-conscious. So hopefully this lasts a well because it sounds so cute.

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