Trying to Find My Blog Voice and Look

I’ve been blogging for several months now and I still have not quite found my blogging voice or even really determined what I’m trying to accomplish with this whole blogging thing.  I’ve also been running into a lack of ideas to write about.  So I’ve decided it’s time for me to sit down and really figure out what I want this blog to be.  As I do this and I gain more insight and clarity towards the direction I want this blog to go in you may see some new things.  If you see something you like or dislike please give me feedback.  I really could use help finding ideas that work.  If there are posts that you particularly thought were good let me know what they are and why you liked them or if you didn’t like something let me know why.  My own opinion is that some of my best posts were the ones in which I got really personal, but you may feel differently.  Any input I get (positive or negative) will help me find my true blogging voice.

If you know of any blogging resources out there that might help me learn new techniques or are informational resources please pass them along if you would.

In the meantime, please be patient with me.  I know my latest posts have been pretty lame.  I promise to try to do better.

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3 Responses to Trying to Find My Blog Voice and Look

  1. Teck says:

    Hello incognitomom,

    I found your post by using the tag surfer in my dashboard!

    I recently went through the same thing I’ve been blogging for about 6 months & after my first 3months of random blogging I couldn’t lock in a readership base more less because my content was random I was targeting a empty readership base.

    So I started to refine my topics & noticed I was getting good
    results then the readers started to comment on how they liked my how to style posts because I can write them in a non tech, savvy way.

    So at the point I went back to the drawing board to figure out what I could do on my side of the blogging preference.
    (My blogging Voice)

    And this what came up with & I’m sure it help you as well. 😉

    To be able to find your blogging voice you have a lot of work on you’re end

    1. I recommend starting by going to your stats page. & See what posts brought in the most views because those posts demonstrate your blogging voice.

    2. check & see what search keywords bring the most viewers. to your site & start refining your posts.

    3. ask for your readers to let you know what kind of topic
    they would like to see you blog about.

    4. go back & read comments on your previous posts readers
    leave hints in some of there comments. (read between the line) Also just check out & see what they have to say. because that will also help you learn your reader base better & by knowing what reader base your targeting will also help you in the long run to get your blogging voice out there.

    P.s. I thought I would leave a comment because most bloggers won’t tell these things because blogger’s compete
    for readership base. But that is why I blog to help other blogger’s I also recommend check out the “Post Index” page on my site were can find more useful articles I have recently wrote.

    Sorry for the long reply.


  2. faemom says:

    I really enjoy your blog. I always check it. So I looked back, and I think my favorite blog is “Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the right.” Not only did I like the title and it’s reference, but I liked how you catalogued your story. I still love the line “apparently the store only deals with penises.” It’s funny and easily relateable because all us women have had to pull our husbands or boyfriends in to do some of the dirty work for us and kick some ass. But I find you likable, readable, and clever. Hope that helps. Good luck.

  3. Kiirekass says:

    I always enjoy reading your posts very much! I think you are a creative writer and often envy your way with words. I really enjoy how you generally always have a nice introduction and conclusion to your posts which are always thorough and organized. Having known you personally, perhaps I am a little prejudiced, but keep doing what you’re doing!

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