Halloween Haunts Me

Halloween is quickly approaching.  I have not gotten Shorty a costume yet.  I took a quick browse around the Internet and most of the costumes I like are sold out.  I knew that was going to happen.  Did I mention I hate Halloween.

Halloween is supposed to be fun for kids.  I hated Halloween even as a kid.  My mom was not one of those moms that could sew.  So, it was either store bought costumes or whatever crazy idea she would cook up for us.  In second grade she sent me to my elementary school Halloween party wearing her red kimono robe with a dragon on the back and some god-awful black wig with combs stuck in it.  I was supposed to be a geisha.  I still feel scarred from this incident.  Mom, I love you but this was not one of your better mothering moments.

Now it’s my turn to come up with the costume ideas (at least until Shorty is old enough to tell me what he’d like to be).  I’m drawing a blank.  I do not want to spend $40.00 to $70.00 on a costume.  I have no sewing or crafting capabilities to speak of.  I could ask Big to help but these kind of things are low on his priority list.  I’m sick and do not feel like driving all over Chester County trying to find a store with a reasonably priced costume in Shorty’s size.

Shorty would probably be delighted with an old sheet thrown over his head as he loves to walk around with blankets over his head while he feels his way around the furniture.  But somehow I feel like that would be such a cop out.  In the meantime, I’ll keep looking for something suitable and continue to mutter under my breath about how I hate Halloween.

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2 Responses to Halloween Haunts Me

  1. I don’t have a costume for either of the boys yet either. I freaking hate Halloween.

  2. faemom says:

    I love Halloween, but I haven’t gotten around to getting or making costumes. I guess I’m running out of time. But here’s a site that has a bunch of great no-sew ideas:

    I hope that helps, and my 3 year old wants to go as a ghost with a sheet over his head . . . or a witch.

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