Monkey See, Monkey Do

Well, today I saw exactly what Shorty is learning from me.  It’s quite an experience to see yourself through the actions of your child.

We’ve been slowly trying to introduce the potty to Shorty.  I say slowly because I’ve been trying to introduce this same potty for many months now but he wants N-O, No parts of the potty.  Big finally got him to sit on the darn thing for more than one second this weekend.  (I have to tell you it was a cute sight to behold.  Shorty on the potty reading a book with Daddy.)  He sat for a bit for me yesterday.  Today no luck.  He has yet to actually do anything in the potty but sitting is at least a start.

Oh, yeah, so back to how Shorty is imitating me.  Today Shorty brought Mickey Mouse to the Elmo potty.  Mickey had to sit on the potty.  I heard things like, “good job Mickey,” come from my two year old’s mouth.  Then Mickey was brought over to the changing pad that I keep downstairs because I’m too lazy to haul my fat ass up that long flight of steps every time Shorty needs a diaper change.  Shorty went through the whole process with Mickey.  He used a wipe to make sure Mickey’s pee-pee and butt got clean.  Then he used another wipe to clean Mickey’s hands.  Mickey even got his nails clipped on that changing pad.  And the real kicker was when the nose bulb came out.  Mickey got the boogies sucked out of his nose.  (Yes, I still occassionally have to do this to my two year old.  What can I say, he has mommy’s sinuses and sometimes it just doesn’t blow out with a tissue.)  At the end of all this Mickey was once again told he did a good job.

He also has learned how to vacuum properly – using attachments and all.  The kid knows how to make coffee.  Not that I actually let him but trust me he knows the steps.  Did I tell you he can push buttons on the washing machine and dryer like a pro?  He knows what to do with a blow dryer too.  Oh, and he can whine with the best of them.  (Ahem, not sure where on earth he learned that – [sheepish grin on my face]).

So, this is what Shorty is learning from me?  Yikes, I guess I better start doing cooler things or else I’m gonna make this kid as anal as my own mom has made me.  (Sorry, mom.  I love you and you’re a great mom but you did pass all your anal retentive qualities down to me.)  So, I may have to sit and meditate for some time tonight and try to call forth my younger, cooler, pre-mom self and figure out what I can do to help teach this kid something besides how to be a good mom and housewife.

In the meantime, I’m hoping Mickey’s appearance on the potty helps ignite more interest on Shorty’s behalf because Lord knows nothing I’ve tried has given him any incentive to stop using diapers.

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4 Responses to Monkey See, Monkey Do

  1. Kiirekass says:

    We go through the same thing! It was hilarious when I took my 3-year old to the public potty in Denver Airport on our way to FL a week ago and she saw me go and told me very enthusiastically, “You did such a great job and went pee pee AND poopie. Well done!” among other complimentary saying about my bathroom goings. She even raved about my goings to Daddy. Now if I could only get her to go regularly.

  2. faemom says:

    It should really help. Have you heard of the method when your toddler teaches a doll or stuff animal to use the potty?

    It’s great that he is learning to be a good mom and housewife. He needs to learn somewhere how to be a good dad and help with chores. I say let him help you. Maybe you guys can make some brownies or cookies. That’ll teach him about measurements and such.

  3. You know, usually when people start out a post like this you find out the kid is yelling or cursing or being mean, making the parents realize how they behave. I think it’s great that this is what he’s gleaning from you.

    And you think you’re lazy? You at least have a changing pad downstairs. We just use the floor:) Wait til you have your second.

  4. Kristine says:

    LOL I’m with Beth, we use the floor too! And it’s usually something I said that’s being repeated by my boys.

    Very cute though. You are raising that little one to be a great husband for some lucky woman!

    And um, my older boy was in diapers until his fourth birthday when daycare finally told him enough and potty trained him for me. Granted he has some special needs, but he wasn’t the only one in his class that was nearly four by the time they potty trained. You probably really dont want to hear that do you?

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