Just A Little Pet Peeve of Mine

This evening I saw something that drives me bonkers.  I was in CVS and standing in line behind me was a woman holding a baby about eight or nine months old.  Then I noticed the baby’s feet.  She was barefoot.  Now this may make me seem like an old biddy or something but why in weather like this was this child not wearing socks?  Would this woman walk outside tonight in her own bare feet?  Poor baby.  All I could think was how cold her little toes must have been.

Because I’m not a perfect mother I am choosing to give this other mother the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe she had just picked her up from daycare and somehow this child’s socks had gotten wet or lost and she had no choice but to bring her into the store on her way home with no socks.  I’m hoping there was a good reason.

I tend to over-dress my son but I think the weather is sufficiently cool enough that children shouldn’t be in bare feet.  But maybe this is just my pet peeve and no one else thought anything about seeing bare piggies on a baby.  This is not the first time I’ve been annoyed by bare feet on a baby in cold weather.  It rankles me whenever I witness this.

So I ask you what is one thing that you see other parents do that just drives you crazy?

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One Response to Just A Little Pet Peeve of Mine

  1. Heidi says:

    I think the things that bother me are when other parents are really mean spirited to their children. Not just angry, but when they put them down in public and it just makes everyone uncomfortable.

    As for the little things, I try to ignore them as I don’t know the whole story behind them.

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