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11:00pm, What Are Your Children Doing?

This is what our house looks like at 11:00 at night.  He’s a night owl and I’m still trying to find a way to change that.  Now do you understand why we let him sleep in our bed?  We gotta get some … Continue reading

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One Hundred

This is my 100th post.  I thought maybe it would be a good time to talk about what I get out of this whole blogging thing, why I do it, and what I’m hoping to achieve with it. For me … Continue reading

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Movie Nights

Big and I love watching movies.  Before we had Shorty we’d watch several movies a week.  We also watched several TV series.  Big preferred to own movies on DVD and enjoy them in the pleasure of our own home, but … Continue reading

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Do You Facebook?

It finally happened.  I’ve been lured into the web of Facebook.  I blame this on Big.  He signed up and started getting pinged by people he hadn’t heard from in years.  Naturally, I got curious when he couldn’t seem to … Continue reading

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Rough Day

It’s round two of Clomid use.  Be thankful you are safely on the other side of cyberspace.  The two-headed, bitchy monster is back.  So far today I’ve yelled, cried, and experienced the usual Clomid headache.  Couple that with the fact … Continue reading

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Looking For Christmas Gift Ideas?

If you’re like me you haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet and you have no idea what you’re getting anyone.  Need help?  Jo-Lynne over at Musings of a Housewife has put together this fabulous Holiday Gift Guide. God Bless Jo-Lynne, … Continue reading

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Two Men, A Grocery Store, and Me

Here’s a situation I found myself in at the grocery store this past weekend.  It’s been on my mind ever since so I guess that means it’s time to blog about it. Sunday afternoon, while stuck in a traffic jam in … Continue reading

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