All’s Well That Ends Well

Last night Shorty did the whole trick or treat thing.  I was a little concerned how the evening was going to turn out because the day leading up to it was not so wonderful.  Shorty was cranky most of the day.  I had to put him on time out twice during Lil Kickers and he barely ate all day and threw a tantrum at dinner time in front of our neighbors who were our guests.  For a little while I almost thought he wasn’t going to make it out for Halloween.  He didn’t even seem enthused about wearing a costume.

But in the end all turned out fine.  He put on his Thomas the Tank Engine costume once he saw his friends in their costumes.  He even held his own pumpkin bucket.  We joined two other families and their boys and headed out to gather Halloween goodies.  The daddies manned the doors and the mommies took Thomas, Elmo, and a dragon out.

The first two houses Shorty had a glazed, stunned look on his face and had no idea why people were sticking bowls of candy in his face.  I think he was a little awe-struck by all the kids running around in colorful costumes.  By the third house he had it all figured out.  Now not only did he know what to do when that bowl of candy was thrust at him but he was trying to get away with more than one piece.  I had to tell him that one was more than enough.  He loved riding in the wagon to all the houses with his friends.  I loved watching his little face and hearing him say trick or treat, thank you, and happy Halloween in that cute little voice he has.

When the mommies had had enough trick or treating we headed back home for some pumpkin pie with cool whip.  Yummy.  Shorty and one of his little friends had a blast running around together and dumping their pumpkins full of candy on the floor and then refilling the pumpkins.  We discovered that Shorty has a thing for Whoppers.  (Definitely takes after Big because I don’t like Whoppers.)

It was fun for Big and I too.  We had a good time with our neighbors and we loved watching Shorty play with his friends.  When everyone went home I tried catching up on my favorite blogs and was flattered to have my night end with some linky love ….

Beth over at Total Mom Haircut sent me some love. 

Beth’s blog is one of my favorites.  She writes eloquently about her experiences raising her two boys.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt like she must be living my life or reading my mind.  If you haven’t been to her blog I urge you to check it out.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and is enjoying this weekend.

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