Swedish Muffins?

Shorty is going through a new language phase.  He ends everything he says with “Yeay”.  He sounds like all those bad imitations of Swedish people you see on TV.  It’s quite funny and I have no idea where he picked this one up.

This morning he also decided that making muffins with Daddy was what needed to be done.  He ran over to Big this morning and jumped up and down pleading,

“Shorty and Daddy make muffins, Yeay?”

Although it’s not really what Big wanted to do he did it anyway.  Down to the kitchen they went to make some corn muffins.  Mommy makes banana or pumpkin muffins quite frequently but Shorty doesn’t show much of an interest in baking with me.  But making corn muffins with Daddy is apparently lots of fun.

There is nothing cuter than watching your big man and your little man stir and bake together.  Yeay?

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