Movie Nights

Big and I love watching movies.  Before we had Shorty we’d watch several movies a week.  We also watched several TV series.  Big preferred to own movies on DVD and enjoy them in the pleasure of our own home, but every once in awhile we’d actually go to the movie theater and watch it on the big screen. 

During my pregnancy Big and I discovered Smallville.  We watched several seasons on DVD while Shorty grew in me.  The first few weeks of Shorty’s life we were too busy and too tired to even think about watching movies.  When we finally started to get the hang of parenthood we managed to watch quite a few series on DVD and several movies.  It was easy.  As long as Shorty was nursing and snuggling with mommy then he would be quiet enough for us to watch anything our hearts desired.  We even learned that Shorty would respond to the Smallville theme song.  (Must be true that if an unborn child hears something on a regular basis that they will recognize it at birth.) 

Then Shorty grew and no longer wanted to just lay with mommy and daddy while we watched movies.  Our days of movie watching sadly came to an end.  Big couldn’t wait for the day when Shorty would be old enough to join us for family movie night.  This past summer while the basement was being finished and Big was buying his dream TV and surround sound set-up all he could talk about was Family Movie Night.  Well, the time has come and movie nights have commenced.  We’re happy to report that Shorty seems to love movie nights as much as we do.

Oh sure, we no longer watch the movies we want to watch.  Everything is rated G.  But still this is what Big dreamed of sharing with Shorty.  Now that the dream is a reality we don’t mind that movie night means a night spent with Alvin and the Chipmunks and Wall-E.  We just loving sharing an activity that we love so much with our child.  It may be time spent in front of the boob tube but it’s time we get to spend as a family.

I imagine as Shorty grows Family Movie Night will become more elaborate.  We envision nights of popcorn making in which we all get in our jammies grab a blanket and hunker in for whatever movie happens to be on our viewing list.  It’ll be a long time before Shorty can watch the same movies that Big and I want to watch.  Maybe by that time Shorty will no longer want to sit with his parents for movie night.  For now Big and I will savor our Family Movie Nights in our basement with Shorty, even if it means Disney is the only thing showing.

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2 Responses to Movie Nights

  1. Big, big fan of movie night. Can’t wait until Robby is able to handle it so we can start one up. I have beautiful visions of blankets and couches and popcorn and sleeping boys:)

  2. faemom says:

    That’s awesome. We were the same way and have ahuge collection, but my husband doesn’t like watching movies over and over. He bought them for the kids to watch one day. *roll eyes* like our kids will love everything we did.

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