What Was My Husband Thinking?

I’m still shaking my head over this one.  Big had a bunch of Delta Airline points that were due to expire.  He hasn’t flown Delta in years and doesn’t plan to do so.  So, instead of cashing in all those points for tickets he cashed them in for magazine subscriptions.  So, in about four to eight weeks we’re going to have something like 10- to 12 new magazines delivered to our house.  This is on top of the four I already receive and the two Big gets.

I’m simply puzzled by this move.  This is a man that swears he doesn’t have time to read.  It’s also coming from a man who hates all my piles of papers that are stacked in various places around the house.  So, does he suddenly plan on having more time on his hands and does he think all these magazines are going to help with the pile situation?  Go ahead ponder this for a moment.  It’s mind boggling, isn’t it?

I’m also thinking I may need to buy a forklift so that I can carry all this mail into the house.  Let’s also not think about all the trees we’re killing in the process.  So, okay there is one magazine that I’m thrilled to be getting because I kinda wanted it anyway but what in heavens name will we do with the rest?  Maybe I’ll start sharing with my neighbors.  I’m sure they will be thrilled to have something to read.  (I’m being sarcastic here.)

I love Big dearly but I think I would rather have had plane tickets to a nice vacation spot.  Then at least I wouldn’t be wondering how I’m going to keep the additional influx of paper under control or trying to squeeze more hours into my day to actually read all this stuff.  I could just toss some of it if I find we’re not actually reading it but then I would feel guilty because I can’t toss anything without at least giving it a once over.  Great, just what I need, something new to feel guilty about.

Oh wait, I know, I can buy Shorty a pair of safety scissors and let him get some cutting practice in.  Then he can make art collages.  Cool, problem solved.  But next time Big has expiring airline points I hope he takes me somewhere warm and sunny.  I could use a vacation.  Besides,  I’ll have plenty of reading material for the trip.

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One Response to What Was My Husband Thinking?

  1. faemom says:

    I swear sometimes men don’t think.
    Another suggestion, in case Shorty’s hand gets tired, you can drop them off at your doctor’s for reading material.

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