Twilight – Vampires vs. Werewolves

It has happened.  Big bought me the slipcase volumes of the Twilight series for Christmas.  I am now totally immersed in the world of Bella, Edward, and friends (and enemies).  I just finished the second book.  Before I continue I am going to warn those of you that haven’t read the books but still wish to that there may be more information in this post than you want to read.  If you don’t mind finding out details of the story before you have the pleasure of reading for yourself then go ahead and read.  If like me, you’d rather not have anything spoiled than stop now.

So, I went into this series not knowing what exactly to expect.  I never thought of myself as a vampire fan.  I didn’t read all the Anne Rice books.  But then Big started getting me to watch True Blood on HBO and I started hearing all this talk of the Twilight books and so now you could say I am a convert to the world of vampires.  I’m thoroughly enjoying Twilight even if they were meant for teens.

I’m a sucker for romance so it was only natural that Bella and Edward’s love story would start to work its magic on me.  After all what woman doesn’t love the thought of a gorgeous hero who always seems to come to the damsel’s rescue in the nick of time but who also has a little bit of danger in him too?  Plus there is that whole Romeo and Juliet factor to their love story.  Being a huge Shakespeare fan how could I not love that?  But now I have a new dilemma.  I was so rooting for Bella and Edward to be together until I read New Moon.  Now I think I’m in love with a werewolf.

Let me explain.  I know Edward is supposed to be the star of the show.  But the more I got to thinking about snuggling up to someone who feels like he’s been in the fridge and is hard like marble (or I believe granite is the term Bella often uses) the more I start to think Edward couldn’t possibly be as irresistible as Bella thinks.  I mean, come on, who wants to get cozy with a block of cold stone?

Plus there is that whole age thing.  Let’s face it, we all know men age more gracefully than women anyway.  (It’s so unfair!)  But to think Bella is going to get physically older looking and Edward is going to be forever seventeen is just too much for me to handle.  I just can not get on board with that concept.

Then there is the food thing.  Sorry but I just can’t imagine an existence without chocolate, pasta, or pan-fried noodles with beef and greens.  And I definitely can’t imagine human blood being the thing that gets my motor running.  So where does that leave a girl?  I’ll tell you.  It makes me think that I’m just not the vampire type.  Give me a hot blooded werewolf any day.

As far as I can see so far there is very little about Jacob, the werewolf, that isn’t appealing.  He’s warm to the touch.  For someone like me who hates the cold that sounds like heaven.  He is big and strong.  I’m a sucker for big men.  Just call it my own Electra complex because my dad was always a big, strong man’s man.  The fact that Jacob is described as freakishly big with almost super-human strength kinda gets my blood pumping a little faster.  He’s going to age.  In fact, already he looks older than Bella even though she is a few years his senior.  And he eats real food.  Lots of it too.  He’d fit right in with the Italian side of my family.  He’s kind and usually cheerful.  Oh, and he’s handy with his hands.

So call me crazy, but I’m going with the werewolf unless something dramatically changes in the next two books.  I’m actually pulling for Jacob now and think Bella should give Edward the old heave ho.  But I know love is a funny thing and Bella will follow her heart to whichever man makes her heart skip a beat.  Me, I tend to dance to the beat of my own drummer so I’ll swoon over Jacob and his werewolf alter-ego.

How about you other Twilight fans out there … is it vampires or werewolves for you?

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4 Responses to Twilight – Vampires vs. Werewolves

  1. Oh my – A Jacob fan. I’ve heard of you people, but you are few and far between:)
    I daresay you’ll enjoy the last two books…

    I was never specifically a vampire fan or anything. For me it’s more about the romance aspect. That he is a vampire is secondary.

    I will say though, I did read a few Anne Rice books and The Witching Hour is amazing. It’s one of those wonderfully long and epic novels. Really excellent and I highly recommend it…after you finish the Twilight series, of course.

  2. faemom says:

    I’m a vampire girl, myself. Something about owning the night, seeing the world change and recreate itself through the ages, the ability to stay alive and gain infinite knowledge, the hunt.

    I’ve always like vampire books. When I was a teen, I read a series called “The Night World” by LJ Smith, which had shapeshifters, vampires, werewolves, witches and lots of forbidden love.

    I think the Twilight series is sweet because it’s goofy teenage love at its cutes. Did you know True Blood is based of a series of books?

  3. incognitomom says:

    Beth – Yep, and after finishing book three I’m even more of a Jacob fan. I guess I’m a sucker for the underdog. The Witching Hour, I’ll keep that in mind. I have lots of Vampire books to keep me busy for awhile.

    Faemom – Oh, yes, I got the True Blood books for Christmas as well. I’ll read them in a few weeks. I thought I’d take a break from vampire books for a bit after I finish the Twilight series so I don’t get sick of them. All those vampire traits you mentioned are intriguing but I still can’t get the cold and hard thing and the drinking human blood part.

  4. Dcan says:

    I read the Twilight series over the holidays as well and I just finished the first season of True Blood. Yes, I’ve got vampires on the brain (at least not in my blood though). I found myself feeling the same as you while reading – maybe I’d rather go for a werewolf – protecting people – hot bodies – sounds nice. There is something about those vampires though. And I’m really not into the whole food prep thing – I don’t like grocery shopping, planning or cooking meals. I’m not into hunting either though – just order up a case of that true blood or something from the local blood bank and that could really free up some time. Did I actually have to decide in order to post a comment?

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