Come Out, Come Out, Where-ever You Are!

Today is delurking day.  So, if you’ve been reading a blog – or two, or three, or fifty – today is the day you need to come out of hiding.  All you have to do is leave a comment on all the blogs – or as many as you can – that you read.

We bloggers need to know that you love us, or at the very least that someone is reading us.  It’s also a good way to let us know about your blog.  It’s a sad state affairs but we bloggers need stroking to make us feel good about ourselves.  So, please leave your comments and make a blogger feel good.

So come out, come out where-ever you are!  And now, if you’ll excuse me, I must return the favor in kind.

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16 Responses to Come Out, Come Out, Where-ever You Are!

  1. Great post…I just started blogging about a month ago. I love it when someone makes a comment. Dont get many comments, maybe its because people dont know what to say in response to my thoughts…smile ~ have a blessed day!


    • incognitomom says:

      Thanks for commenting. Good luck with your blog. I’ll come over in a bit to comment and share the love. It takes some time to build up a reader base. I’m still building mine. I blog more for me than for anyone else. The comments are a nice bonus and I’m enjoying the friendships I’ve made so far.

  2. I’m here! You knew that though:)

    • incognitomom says:

      I can always count on you. 🙂 Thanks. I’ll be over to Total Mom Haircut in a bit to return the favor and check out the links to the Simplicity posts.

  3. Smile ~ I agree completely, I write for me, actually I started blogging when I made the decision to get back on track with my weight loss. Many times, when I am tempted to “snack” on something that I shouldnt, I write.

    With that said, knowing that what I have written has been helpful to someone reading it, makes me smile.

    Have a great week!



  4. Sarah Chia says:

    Is this official? I totally need that. Supposedly I have some readers (that’s what Feedburner says anyway), but people rarely comment for me. 😦

  5. Evenshine says:

    Here! (Waves from the back of the class…)

  6. Dcan says:

    Hello, I’ve stopped by a few times after finding you at Total Mom Haircut. It’s so great to make these little connections.

    • incognitomom says:

      Thanks for de-lurking. I look forward to reading your blog and learning more about you.

    • incognitomom says:

      You know, I never thought about it from the whole food prep perspective. Now that you mentioned it just downing a bottle of True Blood does seem a lot easier than grocery shopping and preparing meals. Now that I’m finished the books I have to say that I still prefer Jacob over Edward. And you certainly did not have to make a choice to leave a comment. (edited to say this was supposed to go to Dcan but in the comments for the Twilight – Vampire vs. werewolves post. Not sure how I ended up putting it here.)

  7. Hi there ~ I’m waving, too!

  8. lora says:

    thank you so much for stopping by! i thought i was all up to date with everyone on philly moms, but i guess with the holidays i fell behind checking out new contributors and profiles and all that! the blog roll on the right is perfect, i’m totally going to check everyone out that i haven’t seen yet instead of working this morning.

    i got your comment on my phone last night, and read almost your entire blog from my black berry at about 2am! if that isn’t lurking, i don’t know what is.

    i have you in my reader and i look forward to reading more.

    • incognitomom says:

      I think I’m still missing a few Philly Moms on my blogroll. I need to go searching through all the old emails to figure out who I’m missing.

      The whole blog at 2 am? You get the big delurkers 1st place ribbon for that.

      This was such a great idea. I found so many interesting blogs that I had never read before. Thanks for letting us know about delurkers day.

  9. I’m a day late, but here I am!

  10. Hey Girl! I’m not really a lurker, but I wanted to stop by and say hi! Also, I have a Philly blogroll on my blog – at the bottom of my Blogroll page which you can access on my Nav Bar. I **THINK** it’s fairly up to date.

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